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A Divine Temple for Feminine Alchemists of all things Sacred & Wild.

Sacred Wild Alchemy™


When women gather together, their forces are unstoppable. Sacred Wild Alchemy is a sisterhood to initiate you into the wisdom and magic of the divine feminine, to RECLAIM & REIGN IN YOUR TRUE SOVEREIGNTY! 

This is a call for those who are ready to find:

  • A community that has no drama, yup. It's possible. 
  • A place where you can speak your truth without fear of being judged, and instead, use your voice to help inspire other women 
  • A place where you can gather in sacred ritual and level up your practices for ultimate fluidity & focus in life
  • A place to embody yourself in loving, sexy, wild ways that unleashes a freedom of soul and nourishes the deepest levels of self-love.
  • A place where you can hone in to your intuitive wisdom and honour your natural feminine cycles
  • A place where you can believe in magick, because we all believe in it too! We are creative engineers with the power to heal and manifest ANYTHING! 

You, me, we...

  • HONESTY: This is a space where you can let loose and be wild. Talk about all the things you have been shamed out of expressing. For example, your experience with plant medicines, how to have rituals with your moon blood, or what kind of astral trip you went on, how you keep crying during the full moon! We can all learn, support and UPLIFT each other!

  • MEMBER PERKS:  Get exclusive content you will not find offered anywhere else, PLUS receive discounts on all public higher learning resources!

  • CONNECTION: Meet people, virtually and even in your community who share your interests and whom you can go on your magical journey of authentic self-exploration with

  • SPOTLIGHT: Have an opportunity to step up and share YOUR GIFTS -  teach a class, share your wisdom & let out your inner medicine woman - whatever that may look like. 

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